Biting cheek after filling

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Cheek Biting Cheek biting is a fairly common finding detected on a dental visit. Cheek biting involves the repeated biting or chewing of the inner soft tissue of the cheek resulting in the development of a line of scar tissue.

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Keep biting my cheek after having my teeth pulled? Haven't had my dentures put in yet . Is there anything i can d more Keep biting my cheek after having my teeth pulled? Haven't had my dentures put in yet . Is there anything i can do ? Right after, I started to experience really bad pain on my tongue right where the work was performed. ... I am supposed to return to dentist tomorrow for another filling and a cleaning. Not sure if that's safe to do with the questionable thing in my mouth. ... The cause most often of the disturbance on the side of the tongue is biting the numb ...

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If the high filling causes your jaw to shift, other teeth can become loose if they are subjected to high forces that didn't exist before the high filling. 5 - Muscle Pain. The muscles in your jaw can ache because your bite has changed and the muscles are forced to adapt after so many years of moving your jaw in it's natural bite.Dec 03, 2014 · Biting your cheek after a new crown is placed is a very common problem that will usually correct itself over a short period of time. The contour of the new crown is not exactly the same as what your original tooth was and that is why the cheek gets pinched between the teeth. Jan 24, 2019 · For several hours after having a filling, a person's face may still feel numb, tingly, itchy, or puffy. They may have difficulty eating, swallowing, talking, or moving their face. Sometimes,...

Oct 14, 2010 · Another vote for normal. I got a bunch of fillings a few months back, and EVERYTHING was making me crazy -- the seams on the fillings, my slightly new bite, etc. Not only did I "get used to it," but the seams have diminished as I've eaten, brushed, had a subsequent cleaning, etc. High dental filling is one of the common reasons which lead to pain after dental filling. High dental filling leads to pain on biting down, tooth ache, sensitivity and can even lead to pain in TMJ joint and muscles.

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Jan 23, 2017 · The patient was told they had a small and shallow cavity on the back tooth that had no symptoms prior to treatment. The filling was performed and now the tooth hurts when biting on it. After waiting a week or two they report back to the treating dentist and are told “the bite” was too high. Pain in my cheek after filling. Post Reply >>> Post a new Question . User Level: Patient Contact ... The mystery is why your "cheeks" (both sides) are swollen or sore. It could be the msucels are in spasm just from having your mouth open so long. Apply hot packs and massage your muscles while trying to open your mouth.