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I understand how to setup a histogram to tune the Idle Airflow table as you have demonstrated using the MAF in the video and I understand what role the Overspeed and Underspeed tables play in terms of reeling the RPMs back within spec if they go over or drop below the desired Setpoint however I may be overthinking things as the role of the Main ... " >> Performance At Your Fingertips" The VCM Scanner is a utility that comes with the VCM Suite from HPTuners, which offers programs for automobile tuning. The VCM Scanner is an OBDII utility for scanning and diagnostics work that can connect to the OBDII data port of a car and receive data from it.

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Tuning your fuel trims with HPTuners will not only reduce your idle surge but can help to make your car run a lot more consistent. To do so, you want to get the car to running temperature. Open HPTuners scanner and hit the space bar. Let the car idle for about 2 minutes with the … Hptuners Idle. Jump to main content or area navigation. Hptuners Idle ... HP Tuners for 2005-2015 ... where you see a very methodical jump above and below desired stoich. ... Mass Air Flow Sensor Extension Harness 24" Fits Toyota and Denso ... Apr 11, 2019 · AFP is a dealer for HPTuners products! If you want something other than the standard tuning units send me an email and I will get you taken care of! AFP offers LS-based computer tuning that will get your vehicle performing the way it should! - So for the 1.8L turbo at idle, the engine should flow about 3.02 to 3.42g/s. A lower value of course could be due to false air or vacuum leak, a higher value could indicate a dirty MAF or air-box air flow issues or even wrong parts in both cases.

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Basically i'm having a hard time tuning the idle for my setup: Stock LQ4 bottom end LS3 Heads LS3 Intake manifold Long tube Headers 100mm cable throttle body 2004 Express Van 3500 ECU As you can see its a significant increase of airflow upgrades and I'm trying to use the "Idle Tuning" guide on HPTuners forums. If your Idle Desired Air Flow is smaller than your Dynamic Air Flow, you need to adjust the IAC vs. Effective Area table to the right. 3. Notice in the table how the columns 0-12 are zeroed out. This is telling you the computer is expecting to see 12mm^2 of area to pull air from at idle. LT B2 ÈÁÈA ? RPMF€»Eÿ ECT ÁæBÿÿ TPSZÈBÿÿÿ Speed zCÿÿÿ IAC ˜ Cÿÿ Cracker Air ® A ÿÿ Follower Air ¯ A ÿ IAC Dsrd ™ Cÿÿÿ Cracker Air ® A ÿ Advance 4B ÿÿÿ LTIT Gear µ€À€@ ÿ LTIT P/N ·€À€@ ÿÿÿ STIT À Á A ÿ Idle Dsrd ¬ @ðA €€ÿ Map ÒB ÿÿ@ O2 B2S1 ÖzDÿÿ AC Air ³ A ÿÿÿ STFT B1 ... When I go into Idle speed setup and push the close IAC closed it does nothing until I hit the ok button. Then it will idle at 500 or any setting I set it with the tablet. but what is the best way to setup idle. Should I leave it at 500 and set the Idle speed screw to desired rpm then set the tablet idle speed or?

HP Tuners GM Gen III part 17 takes a look at how the start-up airflow tables work to help with start and after start conditions. We set-up the proper logging channels in the VCM scanner to monitor the start-up airflow, and show cause/effect of programming the tables. LT B2 ÈÁÈA ? RPMF€»Eÿ ECT ÁæBÿÿ TPSZÈBÿÿÿ Speed zCÿÿÿ IAC ˜ Cÿÿ Cracker Air ® A ÿÿ Follower Air ¯ A ÿ IAC Dsrd ™ Cÿÿÿ Cracker Air ® A ÿ Advance 4B ÿÿÿ LTIT Gear µ€À€@ ÿ LTIT P/N ·€À€@ ÿÿÿ STIT À Á A ÿ Idle Dsrd ¬ @ðA €€ÿ Map ÒB ÿÿ@ O2 B2S1 ÖzDÿÿ AC Air ³ A ÿÿÿ STFT B1 ... Adjust the average at idle speed so it is within +/- 10% of the reading at 2500 RPM. That is, if the duty cycle at 2500 RPM is 40%, at idle it should be between 30% and 50%. On 1986/87 cars the specified idle setting is between 5% and 15% greater than that at 2500 RPM. After each adjustment wait 5 or 10 seconds for the idle mixture to stabilize. The net result is that the PCM takes the Base Idle Airflow (including LTIT)= and then adds the STIT to come up with a final Desired Idle Airflow (which generally is available as a PID for logging). Then there is a final step th= at takes this airflow value and translates it to the actual IAC valve position= or the ETC TPS position.

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Desired Idle RPM Desired Idle RPM rpm MAF Freq Mass Air Flow Sensor Frequency Hz Actual Rail Pressure Actual Fuel Rail Pressure kPaG Desired Rail Pressure Desired Fuel Rail Pressure PSI Injection Timing Injection Timing PSI Turbo Vane Position Turbo Vane Position % Jul 27, 2013 · Dashpot. by Michael Decipha Ponthieux Posted: 7-27-2013 Last Updated: 2018-11-13 Dashpot is the ISC "Idle Speed Control" valve (as known in the tuning world), also known as the IAC "Idle Air Control" valve's control function that causes the RPM's to drop slowly to a stabilized idle.